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AIA Talk: Irish Leprosy Hospitals Thursday 10 March

Forensic archaeologist Dr. Rachel Scott of Arizona State University will be coming to Huntsville to share her knowledge about the experience of lepers in medieval Ireland, looking both at how they lived and how they died. 

Dr. Rachel Scott received a Higher Diploma in Celtic Archaeology from University College Dublin. Upon her return to the states she completed her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Scott specializes in bioarchaeology and has done field work in Spain, France and Iceland along with her work in Ireland. Her research interests include social identity, especially gender identity and religious identity, as well as social constructions of disease and disability. Another of her specialties is mortuary practice about which she has a contribution in the forthcoming anthology Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death.

Thursday, March 10
Dr. Rachel Scott
Arizona State University
Lepers and Leper Hospitals in Late Medieval Ireland
7:30 PM
Wilson Hall Theatre (not Chan!)