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Talk & Film: Beside the Troubled Waters: A Black Doctor Remembers 7 November

UAHuntsville Professor of History Emeritus Jack Ellis and Dr. Sonnie Hereford will present a brief film and a discussion of their recently published book, -Beside the Troubled Waters: A Black Doctor Remembers Life, Medicine, and Civil Rights in an Alabama Town- Dr. Ellis, former dean of the College of Liberal Arts, conducted extensive interviews with Dr. Hereford in preparation for the book, which is a memoir of Dr. Hereford's experiences in Huntsville as a physician and a civil rights activist.

As always, the event is free and open to the public.  Please bring a friend!

7:00PM, November 7
Wilson Hall, Room 001

AIA Talk: Uncorking the Past 10 November 2011

Dr. Patrick McGovern, author of Uncorking the Past:  The quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages, is going to talk about the history of beer, wine, and extreme fermented beverages.  Dr. McGovern, a biomolecular archaeologist, will be giving a beautifully illustrated synopsis of the findings in his book.Copies of the book will be available for purchase and the author's signature.

As always, the event is free and open to the public.  Please bring a friend!

Chan Auditorium, Administrative Science Building, UAH Campus

7:30 PM Thursday November 10


Lectures on the History of Childbirth with Medical Historian Dr. Judith Walzer Leavitt

Dr. Judith Walzer Leavitt, an internationally recognized pioneer of research on medical history and women’s history, will deliver two public lectures at UAH on the history of childbirth. Leavitt’s visit to UAH is sponsored by the UAH Women’s Studies Program with support from the UAH Humanities Center Eminent Scholars Program.

The first lecture, “Women and the Medicalization of Childbirth in American History,” will be September 20, 7:30 p.m., in Chan Auditorium of the Business Administration Building.

The second lecture, “Make Room for Daddy: Men’s Roles in Childbirth in Twentieth Century America,” will be September 22, 11:10 a.m., in the multipurpose room of Frank Franz Hall as part of UAH’s Honors Forum.

Both lectures are free and open to the public.

Leavitt hails from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where she is Rupple Bascom and Ruth Bleier Professor Emerita of Medical History & Bioethics, History of Science, and Gender and Women’s Studies. She has published numerous articles and book chapters, delivered dozens of lectures in the United States and abroad, and authored or edited eight books on public health and women’s health in social, economic, and political contexts. Her UAH lectures are based on her two books Brought to Bed: Childbearing in America, 1750-1950 (Oxford University Press, 1986) and Make Room for Daddy: The Journey from the Waiting Room to the Delivery Room (University of North Carolina Press, 2009). She holds a B.S. degree in Social Sciences from Antioch College (1963) and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in History from the University of Chicago (1966 and 1975).

For additional information on Leavitt, please see her webpage, which also includes a link to her CV.

Leavitt’s current research, which continues to examine gender and public health through the twentieth century, includes two projects, one which looks at home health care during the antibiotic transition and the second which carries forward her childbirth studies.


Dr. Molly Johnson

Director of Women’s Studies



Holocaust Survivor and Scholar Dr. William Samelson to Speak at Yom Ha Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Event on Sunday May 1

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, the Jewish Federation of Huntsville and North Alabama will sponsor Yom Ha Shoah - the day for Holocaust remembrance. The event will be held at Temple B'nai Shalom (Clinton and Lincoln Streets), beginning at 3:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

The purpose of Yom Ha Shoah is to assure that the world never forgets the Holocaust. Like all memory of World War II, there are fewer and fewer actual witnesses to actual events of the era. In the case of the Holocaust there are those voices who continue to deny that six million persons were its victims.

The JFHNA event will feature Holocaust survivor and scholar Dr. William Samelson. Dr. Samelson was born in Poland. He lived there until the age of 11 when he was interned in various Nazi labor and concentration camps throughout Poland and Germany. He became a member of the partisans at the age of thirteen. Captured by the Nazis, he was taken to Buchenwald Concentration Camp where he spent three and a half years. He was liberated by the US Army in 1945, and emigrated to the US in 1948.

Dr Samelson holds a PhD from the University of Texas, Austin, and has taught at Kent State University, the University of Illinois at Urbana, and the University of Texas in Austin. He is Visiting Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Texas in San Antonio and Trinity University. Dr Samelson has written extensively about the Holocaust and lectured widely on a variety of topics relating to it. Among his many publications are: “All Lie in Wait”, “One Bridge to Life”, “Warning and Hope” and a series of six volumes of English as a Second Language texts, which have undergone numerous editions.

In addition to Dr. Samelson's talk, six candles will be lit in a ceremony similar to one followed at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial museum in Israel. Music composed by Modecai Gebirtig will be performed by Gonca Huff and Frank Contreras. Some of the music will be sung in Yiddish, the language spoken during the era.

A reception will follow the program and Dr. Samelson will be available for further discussion.

With questions, please contact Ed Gollop at 256 881 2477.


Classics Week 2011 with Dr. Craig Kallendorf

The Society for Ancient Languages has invited Dr. Craig Kallendorf of Texas A&M University to visit UAH for Classics Week 2011. Dr. Kallendorf will give two lectures, both in Roberts Hall 419.

The first lecture, "The Commentary: A Neglected Neo-Latin Genre?" will be Friday April 15 at 11:30am.

The second lecture, "Neo-Latin Studies and Book History," will be Friday April 15 at 7:00pm.

If you have any questions, please contact the history department at 256-824-6310.

Please come and bring a friend!

Civil War Lecture with Dr. Julie Saville, Saturday April 16, 2011

On Saturday, April 16, 2011, University of Chicago historian, Dr. Julie Saville, will be giving a public lecture about "Ending the Civil War: Stories from Then and Now."

The event will be in Chan Auditorium (in the Business Administration Building) at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Saville's UAH lecture, sponsored by UAH's Distinguished Speakers Series, Women's Studies Program, and Department of History, will be the final event in an all-day symposium "Why We Are Still Fighting the Civil War," held at the Knight Center at Alabama A&M University. This month marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil war. This is a free event, and the symposium will begin at 12 noon and run until 4:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact 256-824-6210 or check out

Please come and bring a friend!


AIA Talk: Romans in North Africa, 4 April 2011

Dr. Naomi J. Norman is the Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor as well as the head of her department. At the same time Dr. Norman is the Editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Archaeology and the Director of the UGA Reacting to the Past Program. In addition to these demanding responsibilities,since 1982 she has been directing a variety of excavations at the ancient site of Carthage, Tunisia. The southwest quadrant of the urban area where she has conducted the majority of her fieldwork is the site of the Roman circus and amphitheater.  She has also worked extensively on cemetery sites and in particular the Yasmina Necropolis with its wealth of finds including sculpture, inscriptions, coins, curse tablets, inhumations and cremations that are yielding interesting new interpretations of social and religious structures in Carthage over time. She has published articles on curse tablets from the circus as well as the death and burial of children. With her extensive knowledge of Carthage, Dr. Norman is currently working on a book presenting an overview of the city incorporating evidence from recent archaeological fieldwork.  

Worshipping Jupiter, Juno and Minerva in Roman North Africa
Wilson Hall 168, UAH--2:20 PM

From Sea to Sahara:  The Romans in North Africa
Wilson Hall Theatre, UAH--7:30 PM  


Thursday March 31: Oxford Professor Alan Knight to Speak on "The Mexican Revolution in Global Perspective"

On Thursday March 31 at 7 pm in Chan Auditorium in the Business Administration Building, Professor Alan Knight will give a public talk entitled “The Mexican Revolution in Global Perspective (1910-2010).” The event is free and open to the public.

Knight comes to UAH as an Eminent Scholar sponsored by the Humanities Center and the History Department. He is a professor of Latin American History at the University of Oxford (St. Anthony’s College). He is the author of The Mexican Revolution (recipient of the 1986 Albert J. Beveridge Award), US-Mexican Relations, 1910-1940, Mexico: From the Beginning to the Spanish Conquest, and Mexico: The Colonial Era. He is also the author of numerous articles, and co-editor of Caciquismo in Twentieth-century Mexico, and Revolución, Democracia y Populismo en América Latina.

Professor Knight will also address the UAH Honors Forum on Tuesday March 29 at 11:10 am in Frank Franz Hall 138. This talk, which is also free and open to the public, is entitled "State, Region, and Patria Chica in the Mexican Revolution."

Please contact 256-824-6310 with questions -- and please come and bring a friend!


AIA Talk: Irish Leprosy Hospitals Thursday 10 March

Forensic archaeologist Dr. Rachel Scott of Arizona State University will be coming to Huntsville to share her knowledge about the experience of lepers in medieval Ireland, looking both at how they lived and how they died. 

Dr. Rachel Scott received a Higher Diploma in Celtic Archaeology from University College Dublin. Upon her return to the states she completed her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Scott specializes in bioarchaeology and has done field work in Spain, France and Iceland along with her work in Ireland. Her research interests include social identity, especially gender identity and religious identity, as well as social constructions of disease and disability. Another of her specialties is mortuary practice about which she has a contribution in the forthcoming anthology Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death.

Thursday, March 10
Dr. Rachel Scott
Arizona State University
Lepers and Leper Hospitals in Late Medieval Ireland
7:30 PM
Wilson Hall Theatre (not Chan!)


AIA Lectures on Buddhist Imagery, February 16 and 17

AIA TALK: Art of Gandhara, Buddhist Imagery,--16 February
Dr. Kurt Behrendt has his PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to joining the curatorial staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he taught at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He has written numerous articles on Buddhist art in India and Tibet and on the practice of pilgrimage, including studies of relics and narrative art. He has also three books on the art, archaeology, and religious practices of Gandhara in northern India.

"Art of Gandhara: Indo-Mediterranean Trade and New Buddhist Imagery," 7:30 PM Wednesday, 16 February 2011, Wilson Hall Theatre

"India and Tibet: Cultural Interactions and the Spread of Buddhism," 12:45 PM Thursday, February 17 2011, Wilson Hall 168

All events free and open to the public. Please bring a friend!


Public Lecture on "The Berlin Wall and Peenemünde: Traces of the Modern Heritage of 20th Century Germany"

On Tuesday, February 8, Uta Mense, a Ph.D. student at the Technical University of Cottbus in Germany, will give a talk entitled: "The Berlin Wall and Peenemünde: Traces of the Modern Heritage of 20th Century Germany"

The talk will be at 7:30pm in Roberts Hall 419.

Uta Mense, born 1970 in Germany, worked as an architect in the Netherlands and
Germany. After completing the postgraduate master program, UNESCO „World Heritage
Studies,“ and working as a project-manager for EU-funded intercultural projects, Uta is currently doing research on Space Race Heritage, focusing on the United States, Russia/Kazakhstan, as well as its origins in Germany.

Please come and bring a friend!