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Classics Week Speaker: Dr. Bryan Ward-Perkins

UAH will have guest speaker Dr. Bryan Ward-Perkins from the University of Oxford give lectures during UAH's annual Classics Week (an event hosted by The Society for Ancient Languages and The UAH Humanities Center.) Dr. Ward-Perkins will be giving two lectures concerning the controversial fall of the Roman Empire on Friday, April 9th. 

His first lecture, entitled “The Death and (very slow) Rebirth of Public Statuary, 300-1500AD,” will be at 11:30am in Roberts Hall, room 419.   

The second lecture he will give, “A Real Economic Melt-down – The End of Roman Britain,” will be at 7:00pm also in Roberts Hall, room 419.

These lectures are free and open to the public. 
Feel free to invite anyone that might be interested.