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AIA Lecture on Mycenaean Coastal Worlds: Thursday October 2

The North Alabama Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America is featuring Dr. Thomas Tartaron, who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, on Thursday, October 2.

Dr. Tartaron’s field work is in Greece where he is currently Co-Director of the Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project. In his talk, Dr. Tartaron will focus on archaeological methods of reconstituting the coastal worlds of the Mycenaeans, using the concept of “coastscapes” within a broad landscape archaeology approach. In the Saronic Gulf region, recent discoveries have made it possible to recreate a Bronze Age Saronic “small world,” populated by small coastal settlements enmeshed in habitual maritime interactions within a political and economic system dominated by Kolonna on the island of Aigina. These interactions were in turn embedded, through the agency of Kolonna, in trade networks in the Aegean Sea and beyond. Dr. Tartaron’s current research in the region of the Saronic coastal village of Korphos in the Corinthia investigates how this small world was transformed by the expansion of the state of Mycenae in the 14th century B.C.

The talk will be held in Chan Auditorium of the Administrative Science Building on the UAH campus at 7:30 PM on Thursday October 2. Please bring a friend!